The Household of Faith

Let us be wise stewards. Let us ponder the lessons of history and profit from the experiences of those who have not heeded the prophets. Gibbons, Toynbee, Durant, and other noted historians have analyzed the reasons for the fall of the mighty civilizations. The repetition is monotonous. In summarizing cause and effect, an American educator lists six common reasons why each civilization fell:

“1. They lost their religious convictions and flouted basic morality.

“2. They became obsessed with sex.

“3. They debased their money of its intrinsic value and let inflation run rampant.

“4. Honest work ceased to be a virtue.

“5. Respect for law disintegrated and violence became an accepted method of achieving individual and group desires.

“6. Finally, citizens were no longer willing to be soldiers and fight for the defense of their nation and their heritage.” (Dr. Kenneth McFarland speech, “Bicentennial America’s Opportunity,” given at Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, at the National Convention of the Independent Petroleum Association of America.)

Brothers and sisters, will our modern nations be wise enough to escape similar destruction? Are we prepared to reverse the course of history? Through the exercise of our political rights and responsibilities, through community service, and through personal righteousness, we must free our nations from tyranny and from fiscal and moral bankruptcy to the extent of our ability. But we must never forget that permanent security is possible only on the condition that we follow the prophets of the Lord.

via The Household of Faith

Did you click the link yet?

Did you happen to notice:

a) This is from a Mormon publication (oh, the horror…those crafty Mormons pretending to be conservatives…oh, wait, they actually are…and they’re here to help…oh.)?

b) This was written and the above section quoted as evidence we can expect to watch for to detect future calamity in 1980?  But it reads like it was written to describe our condition today…

Folks, I’ve been saying this for a long time but I’ll never tire of repeating it. God has been trying to warn us of this type of socio-political condition for millennia. Most times His words have gone unheeded, with predictable results. This is why He keeps calling prophets as has been His pattern from the beginning of the world and as will be his pattern until the end of the world.  His love for his children, as with His method of disseminating truth to us, is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Remember Joseph of Egypt?  Bank on that story when our foreign entanglements, our addiction to debt, and our dependence on foreign oil leads to a famine of wealth and mobility. We will have wished we had used our “7 years of plenty” for better rather than to have squandered it. Mormon prophets have been saying this since the Restoration in 1830.

Remember Moses and Pharaoh?  Washington is today’s Pharaoh, thumbing its nose at God first who wants His people to be free and at Americans second who just want to be released from Big Government slavery to make their own way in the world and worship and live as they please without being harassed.  Again, Mormon prophets have been urging LDS people and anyone else who would listen to prepare for the calamities to come and to be found in Gershon, not in Egypt, during those plagues.

Also, as I’ve said time and again, there is no good reason for Protestant nor Catholic Christians to look down their noses at LDS (Mormon) Christians, nor vice versa.  We’re on the same team. We may have different opinions about what God’s plan entails or how it’s transmitted to His people, but there’s ONE thing we can all agree on. This world is in a heap o’ trouble if we don’t unite and fight against the tidal wave of liberalism, progressivism, islamofascist jihadism, and communism that is sweeping the planet.

I’ll have more to say on this subject of prophecy and our current state of affairs in future posts. If I’ve offended anyone with my outspokenness on our need to unite despite differences of theology, I cannot apologize, for I have spoken truth. If truth offends, then it is a problem between the offended and the truth.

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