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via Digest for Friday, February 26, 2010 – Editions – PatriotPost.US.

To Keep and Bear Arms

A woman and her mother were tied up in their Indiana home after a man broke into the house. The intruder then sexually assaulted the daughter. According to Police Sgt. William Snead, the mother was able to send her neighbor a text message alerting her of the situation. Sonny Osborn, the neighbors boyfriend, heard the disturbance, grabbed his gun and headed for the victims home.Osborn warned the suspect and told him to leave, but to no avail, so he shot him three times in the leg. After being treated at a local hospital, the perpetrator is now locked up in the Sullivan County Jail.

This begs the question: Why didn’t the mother call 911? Isn’t that what the left keeps telling us we need to do instead of owning guns? How appalling it is that she had to resort to text messaging a neighbor to get aid.  Could it be that in Indiana, which is largely rural and police departments are sometimes distant from any particular family home or neighborhood–which is what criminals often count on, by the way–she simply didn’t have confidence that the police would be able to arrive in time? Is it possible that she knew that texting would be quicker given that her neighbor next door had the upper hand by owning a firearm and being so much closer than the police?

And what about the perp? The guy didn’t budge upon being confronted by the neighbor with the gun. Was he stupid? Or did he maybe count on the neighbor not being willing to use it due to the anti-Castle laws that have been enacted over the years (and consequent judgments awarded in favor of the defendant).  After all, this wasn’t the neighbor’s own home, so if he shot the perp, then he might get the jail time instead of the perp.

How safe do you feel now without a gun in your home?

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