There’s a new bubble in the air, and it’s made of air.

Could a future version of Cap and Trade include an “exhaling tax”?  Sounds crazy, right?

Yeah, well so does an entire industry built on regulating air.

via Prepare for the Next Bubble…For a Made Up Commodity

I’ve been telling people for years that the government was preparing to tax air. First it will be the air we exhale. Next it will be the air we inhale. It’s frightening to consider how the IRS will be tracking and auditing this in the future.

You think I’m being hyperbolic?  Just look to what lengths government has already gone to control so many aspects of your lives that fifty years ago were thought impractical, inconceivable, impossible, or just plain nuts.  Is it really that much of a stretch to think that a bigger world government (yes, it’s coming and no, I’m not crazy) might “suggest” to you with “incentives” that it’s “in your best interest” to install a CO2 measuring device in your home…or even in your throat?  All the celebrities will be have them at home or in their gullets as additional earth-friendly, environmentally responsible accoutrements to their plastic surgery regimens.

Then, just like with the Kyoto Treaty (and CFL bulbs), they’ll start lobbying to have the U.S. impose such devices on the populace at large. Hey, maybe the throat devices will even use mercury! That’d certainly help reduce the world’s population.

History just keeps repeating itself.

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