Planned Parenthood’s True Colors

Planned Parenthood‘s ironically named report “Stand and Deliver: Sex, health and young people in the 21st century” is, perhaps, a not so startling revelation about the true goals of this for-profit company masquerading as an advocacy non-profit while taking and lobbying for YOUR tax dollars.

Here’s a lovely paragraph from page 14:

Tomorrow approaches rapidly, and while much good work is underway, with each year that passes opportunities to reach even more young people are lost. The opportunity to ‘catch them while they’re young – a truly golden rule when it comes to cultivating mindfulness, healthy behaviours and social values – is time-bound, and time is running out.”

Gotta hurry up and indoctrinate them with secular values before them Christians/Jews/Muslims get at ’em.

Also, from page 16:

Unsafe abortions that are performed on adolescents (women aged 15-19) in developing countries annually — 2.5 million

There’s such a thing as a “safe” abortion? Last I checked, even in the “safest” of clinics, abortion results in the death of a child and a myriad of complications and other risks to the future health of the mother.

This document is dangerous because it mixes truth (the fact that too many children are forced into sexual contact with adults via human trafficking) with lies (that condoms and “education” and tearing down of religions are the answer). No amount of contraceptive or “education” will stop a man from raping a woman or child. Only the teaching of Godly values has that power. If you tell people “there are no restraints! make love to whomever, however, just make sure you have protection or get an abortion”, you can expect that they will only hear the “there are no restraints” part.

Why can Planned Parenthood not challenge religious leaders in the world to in turn challenge their people to go back to living according to the spirit of the true laws and doctrines regarding sexual purity, rather than the ones concocted by men to justify their perversions?  Because it would go against their true objectives of de-religionizing every man, woman, and child.

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