Open Letter to LGBT Leaders Who Are Pushing Marriage Equality

Is the LGBTQ(ABCDEFG?) vocal minority about to fracture over the “right” to “marry”?  Kate Bornstein, who is a confusing mix of the alphabet soup of sexual orientation being pushed upon the youth of today, and who claims to speak for gender-confused kids her culture has produced, writes an open letter to the leaders pushing for “marriage” equality.

Kate Bornstein’s Blog for Teens, Freaks and Other Outlaws: Open Letter to LGBT Leaders Who Are Pushing Marriage Equality


Lesbian and gay leaders must cease being self-obssessed and take into account the very real damage that’s perpetrated on people who are more than simply lesbian women and/or gay men, more than bisexual or transgender even. Assuming a good-hearted but misplaced motivation for all the work done on behalf of fighting for marriage equality, it’s time to stop fighting on that front as a first priority of the LGBTQetc movement. It’s time to do some triage and base our priorities on a) who needs the most help and b) what battlefront will bring us the most allies.

Also, from the comments, get a little peek into what people in these “communities” think about our Constitution…you know, the one that gives them the freedom to act and speak out like they do?  Something about “musty old document[s] written by dead men” and “Marriage is a license to have sex in a way that’s considered not a sin” and “the terms ‘ma'” and ‘woman’ have no real legal definition” a bunch of other incoherent, psychologically messed up nonsense.

One comment that should give the rest of America good reason to take heart that we are not losing the battle for the sanctity of marriage, yet also gives us even more reason to remain vigilant, said (my own comments interjected):

Cowards and bullies pick fights with people who are reluctant to fight [like homosexuals did with Christians, who legislatively turned the other cheek in the fight against sexual perversion from the 1960s until the early 1990s]. That is why conservatives picked the marriage fight [what?]–because it wasn’t our focus and we remained reluctant to fight them on it. Be against the marriage fight all you want, that’s the reason conservatives picked it–it’s our weak spot where we’re not united [true, polls show most homosexuals don’t really care about getting married in any traditional, monogamous sense of the term]. They know it and we know it.

And every issue we fight they will fight us by saying “It will lead to gay marriage!” [and…what else could it lead to?] Even anti-bullying measures for schools they argue “It will lead to gay marriage!” There’s no way around it.

What they really mean of course is “gay sex” [there are medical and epidemiological reasons to inhibit this practice…even homosexuals admit this]. Marriage is a license to have sex in a way that’s considered not a sin. [again, I say, what?] Once gays can get married, gay sex can’t be considered a sin in of itself. And when that happens [like they need or even want marriage to do this? non-sequitur], well, there will be little justification for discriminating against gay or transgender people [gays have equal domestic rights with heteros, including the right to bennies through nearly all employers and the right to contract with one another for hospital visitation these days…yet they always fail to enumerate the “rights” that have been denied, other than to redefine marriage completely, which isn’t a “right”].

They hate us for our non-heteronormative, non-gender conforming sexuality [no, not hate, just rejection of the lifestyle choice as one conducive to stable society]. And marriage is the ultimate symbol of heteronormativity. [no argument there]

And when I get married, it won’t be to conform to it, but to change it. Marriage is our Trojan horse.

Marriage is their Trojan horse, is it?  Fine, let them think their battle is won.  That would collectively equate us, the defenders of marriage, to the priest Laocoön, who guessed the plot and tried to warn the Trojans but was strangled by Poseidon’s two sea serpents. It also puts us in the role of Cassandra, warning the people of impending destruction of our civilization if we don’t act decisively, as the majority, to define marriage at the Constitutional level once and for all.

Those sea serpents are more than two in our day. They are legion, with names like Hollywood, GLSEN, GLAAD, the NEA, and NAMBLA to name a few. They are ready to strike at every vector we leave unguarded. Fortify yourself against the propaganda by becoming educated. Then, fortify your immediate family, your friends, your neighbors, your schools, and your communities. Fight back against falsehood with truth.

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