An Unusually Bad Prevaricator, Unusually Bad

via An Unusually Bad Prevaricator, Unusually Bad.

When Obama took office, he used that extraordinary, one-off deficit of $1.3 trillion as the new base line from which all future deficits would be measured, and he planned to treat any future annual deficit less than $1.3 trillion as a triumphant reduction. This isn’t even sophisticated deception, but some people are still apparently buying it.

I’ve suspected that the Obama administration’s poorly executed “deception” is the sleight of hand most dictators use when subjugating the people to their will. That is, they count on the people having a short memory due to their own distractions or ones being imposed on them by those in power.

What I find highly ironic about the “down the memory hole” game they seem to be playing is this: Obama, of all people, should know that the Internet has a long memory. He and his sycophants used it against their opponents in the 2004-2010 presidential campaign (yes, it has been that long, effectively, and he’s still in campaign mode).  However, YouTube and numerous blogs have been used directly against Obama and his appointees to refute their claims on a variety of topics. If admissible in a court of law, they would be 100% damning evidence against a whole swath of his cabinet, advisors, and “czars”.

If you’re caught with your hand in the cookie jar, the best move usually isn’t to say that it’s actually your brother taking the cookies and that you’re really in another room doing your homework.

Obama is clearly NOT doing his homework.

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