Newsmax – Left Sacks Tim Tebow Over Religion

I’m filing this article under “I wish I had written it…”

Left Sacks Tim Tebow Over Religion

For the two people who may have been intellectually curious enough to have wandered over from the DailyKos fold and ended up here, it’s not just Christianity “at fault” for society’s apparent “decline”, as these eugenicists tend to believe. Islam, Judaism and the vast majority of the world’s other major religions also hold that abortion is not a decision to be taken lightly. That Tim’s mom chose life is…surprise!…her CHOICE.  If the left had their way, you’d have no choice but to listen to a counselor “advise” (command) you to seek an abortion if your life was in danger due to a pregnancy.  It would be too much of a “burden” on the health care system to do otherwise, so if you choose something else, please pay your life savings at the door on your way out. Or go to jail for “opting out” of Obamacare. It’s your “choice”, don’t you see?

It’s written in their progressivism-laden health plan. Go read it for once. Oh, wait…YOU CAN’T because it’s constantly changing, or being “negotiated” in backrooms, or just plain kept from any kind of public or legislative scrutiny whatsoever.

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