Melissa Bean: Illinois’ “Working Girl”

Check out the private sector totals in Rep. Melissa Bean‘s (D-IL, 8th District) Top 20 Industries list.

Notice how they consist primarily of banks & insurance, lawyers & lobbyists, and labor.  Bean also made third in the top 20 list of recipients of insurance lobbyist money, next to House incumbents Pomeroy and Kanjorsky from ND and PA, respectively, who have startlingly similar donation/recipient profiles.

To date, Bean has raised $1,004,549, of which $0 came from her own pocket, only 39% came from individual contributions, and 61% came from–you guessed it–banks & insurance, lawyers & lobbyists, and labor. A good chunk also came from pharmaceutical companies.

Contrast that with the following comparison of PAC contributions, individual contributions, and candidate self-financing to see who really runs Illinois and wants the status quo to remain the status quo.

If, as in past years, we gauge the effectiveness of a campaign simply by how much money it raises, we know who the winner of this race will be…it will be Melissa Bean by a wide margin.

However, if the growing discontent among the general populace is any indication (and they aren’t as apt to lend any money to any candidate seeking office because of said discontent), this might be an upset of epic proportions. The odds-on favorites of the PACs might find themselves wondering why their tried-and-true formula didn’t work at all this year.

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