Illinois Voters: Let’s flip this state!

Someone I trust in political circles sent me this message as part of her own personal effort, not employed by any party or candidate, to help better inform voters in Illinois as to the alternatives to Mark Kirk (RINO) and Roland Burris (puppet).

We have an opportunity to make a difference with our vote in the upcoming primary elections on February 2nd.  But in order to do so, we must be clearly informed regarding the candidates in the various races.  I have included a number of links below with information on the various candidates.  In addition, I would like to highlight one particular candidate whose views and values are worth your vote.

Patrick Hughes is an exciting candidate in the race for U.S. Senate. He is articulate, well informed, and above all else well principled.  He is a true Reagan Republican who believes in limited government, fiscal responsibility, a strong military, energy independence, the 2nd amendment and traditional family values (He is pro-life and pro traditional marriage).  He will not support the Obama Health Care plan; he will not support increasing the size of our government; and he will not support Cap and Trade.  In short he is the type of individual we can send to Washington and trust that he will vote correctly on the issues that come before him.  He is both an attorney and a businessman who understands the need to lift regulations and taxes in order to promote job growth.  He also recently chaired Stop-It, a taxpayer advocacy group that helped stop Governor Quinn’s attempt to raise our state income taxes.  He’s already put his principles into action, and he’s willing to go to Washington to continue to do the same.  But in order for him to do this, he needs the help of the citizens of Illinois.  His opponent, Mark Kirk, has a very large campaign fund and strong name recognition in the state.  Unfortunately, Mark Kirk is also extremely liberal in his voting record as the Congressman in the Illinois 10th Congressional District.  If we want a conservative to replace Senator Roland Burris in the Senate, we need to do our part, and help all conservative voters in Illinois learn about Patrick Hughes.  Please pass this email on to all other like-minded voters so that they too can learn about Patrick Hughes.  If we pass this email throughout the state of Illinois, we can accomplish a great victory next week when we elect Patrick Hughes to be the GOP nominee for U.S. Senate.  I believe that if he becomes the GOP nominee, he will go on to victory in the general elections in November because the people in our state are looking for a candidate who will help restore fiscal restraint and integrity to our federal government.  Patrick Hughes will be what they are looking for.

Mark Kirk’s voting record:
Voted for the Cap and Trade bill (He was only one of 8 House Republicans to do so, which, if passed will amount to the largest tax increase ever in history and will place serious financial burdens on Illinois citizens as well as industry and agricultural concerns due to increased energy prices)
Voted against the Iraqi Troop Surge (This surge went on to successfully turn the tide in Iraq – only a handful of Republicans voted against the surge)
Voted against the Federal Defense of Marriage Act
Voted against Parental Notification for Minors who are requesting an abortion
Voted against the ban of Partial Birth Abortions (Mark has received a 100% approval rating by Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro Choice America)

There are other well principled candidates in the Senate race, but Patrick Hughes is the only candidate who has been able to field enough of a campaign to beat Mark Kirk.  The other candidates are all much farther behind in the polls. Thus it is essential that we all rally behind Patrick Hughes to provide him with the support to win the Republican Primary.

You can learn more about Patrick Hughes on his website at:

The other races are equally important.  We especially need a governor who can restore integrity and fiscal responsibility here in Illinois.  The following websites will provide comparisons of the various candidates on important issues. (see right hand side for voter guide)

Thank you for passing this email on to all who can help.  Working together, we – the citizens of Illinois – can take back our government and restore integrity to Illinois.

Just doing my part, Elise.  🙂  Pass it along, everyone.  Let’s flip this state and show Obama what CHANGE really means.

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3 thoughts on “Illinois Voters: Let’s flip this state!

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Mark Kirk has already failed the public trust! I’m sure you will want to know who will win, so here’s a very strong indication of who will become the next Illinois Senator, and who will loose >>> <<<<

    • No bubble bursted here. I agree with you that Mark Kirk was posed to fail us, as evidenced by what I wrote in this post.

      I’m completely at a loss with the documents you’ve presented me. It looks like some kind of Bible code thing, but you’ve provided no explanation or key as to how you’re deciphering it. Also, if this is decipherable from the Bible, reason dictates that it ought to be decipherable before an event. Yet all your posts are dated after those events. For all I know, this is just someone making stuff up to try to match the news of the day.

  2. I would welcome anyone to learn how to use the Bible Code, it is the most difficult instrument on earth. Now, I have used the Bible Code to predict the future outcome of the “NOVEMBER” Illinois election, for the U. S. Senate. So, you now must wait till November, before condemnation.

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