What ever happened to the “Duke 88”?

John Hinderaker, Scott Johnson, and Paul Mirengoff of powerlineblog.com remind us that the racial demagoguery of Duke University’s professors remains unchecked.  Rather, it has been rewarded.

But what really caught my eye was this quote:

The demagogic Baker excoriated the lacrosse team for their “silent whiteness” and their “white, male, athletic privilege.” He called for the “immediate dismissals” by Duke of “the team itself and its players,” to combat the “abhorrent sexual assault, verbal racial violence, and drunken white male privilege loosed amongst us.” After the innocence of the accused players had become clear, Baker received an email from the mother of a member of the lacrosse team (who hadn’t been accused) asking if he would reconsider his earlier statements. Baker responded, by typing “LIES” and indicating that his correspondent was the mother of a “farm animal.” Eventually Baker, a post-modernist if nothing else, fell back to arguing that it didn’t matter whether the rape allegations were true.

via Power Line – What ever happened to the “Duke 88”?.

It actually occurred to me that the rest of America just might be ready move beyond this kind of ideological bias and turn against these intellectually and morally bankrupt individuals carrying academic titles next to their names.

How about it? Are you ready? I sure am.

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