Kicking butts and taking names

Chuck Norris is famous for kicking butts and taking names. That’s precisely what he does in this recent and rather informative blog post.

Tired yet of the congressional charade and the bogus beneficiaries of health care? I’m done –I’ve had enough. They’ve tried to pull a fast one on us for the last time. Those corrupt crime bosses we call congressmen have caused enough damage. Though the Senate vote is over, the bill isn’t law. We might have lost a battle, but the war is still on! So I say we roundhouse them in return. It’s time to push for some serious housecleaning this next election. Obviously, Senate, you’re not taking seriously 10 million pink slips sent to you, when you should be!

In November 2010, all 435 House seats will be open for re-election, and one-third of the Senate seats will be open for re-election as well. The time is now to eject the unconstitutional corrupt congressmen, and it’s time to let them know what’s coming.

I agree with Tea party leaders, who are delivering bold ultimatums to all congressional candidates in 2010: “Pledge to repeal the health-care reform bill in its entirety – or you will be booted from office.”

Congress, you’re waking a sleeping giant, and you’re not going to like the consequences.

via If the price is right.

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