2010 situation grows more difficult for Democrats

via 2010 situation grows more difficult for Democrats | Politics News | Comcast.net.

To minimize expected losses in next fall’s election, President Barack Obama’s party is testing a line of attack that resurrects George W. Bush as a boogeyman and castigates Republicans as cozy with Wall Street.

Well of course he is. Why would we expect anything less. You know, of course, that he will use this excuse for the next three years under the pretense that it will take 8 years to undo 8 years of Bush.  Then, he’ll say, it will take another 8 years to “set things right”.

But, you say, by law each president can only serve two terms!

Precisely.  Do you think Obama will give up power that easily?

Then we read this little gem:

House Democrats began an ad campaign in December assailing Republicans for opposing legislation restructuring federal financial rules and recalling the final days of the Bush presidency, when the economy tanked.

“Remember? We all know we should never let this happen again,” the ad says. It lays into Republicans for voting “to let Wall Street continue the same risky practices that crippled retirement accounts and left taxpayers on the hook for $700 billion.”

Really? After all that ACORN and Community Redevelopment Act crap that’s been going on for the past 20 years, plus the $2 quadrillion health “care” boondoggle, Republicans (and, ostensibly, Conservatives in general) get the blame?  You must be joking.

Lest you think I’m a GOP fanboy, let me state that I have little love for Republicans in the House and the Senate.

The GOP will be defending at least a dozen open seats because of retirements, with several lawmakers leaving the House to run for higher office.

Screw up, move up. I will say I am encouraged by the following, however:

Republicans have high hopes for picking up Senate seats in Illinois and Delaware that were held by the president and vice president, respectively. Neither of their appointed successors is seeking election to the seats.

Even though I have little love for the GOP right now, it is encouraging to think that the President’s and Vice President’s former seats are likely to go to their opponents. It says a LOT about what their former constituents thought and/or currently think about them, giving me hope that we only have to endure three more years of Chairman Maobama and his ilk.


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