It’s all just a little bit of history repeating

So, yeah. I’m a Mormon. 🙂 My rant below is my personal opinion and not to be taken as the official position of the LDS Church.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I believe the Book of Mormon is a volume of scripture and a companion to the Bible in talking about God’s dealings with His other children on the earth…the ones who migrated to the Americas.

More about that here.

What I want to bring to your attention is that what we’ve been going through with this left vs. right infighting is nothing new. Especially on this continent, which is actually set apart by God as a place of refuge and freedom from tyranny.  The Book of Mormon tells the story, which occurs in the year 62 B.C., which I’ll summarize thusly:

Moroni, the commander of the Nephite army fighting insurgents called Lamanites who are attacking from another land, complains to Pahoran, who is the Nephite chief judge (similar to a president) of the government’s neglect of the armies—The Lord suffers the righteous to be slain—The Nephites must use all of their power and means to deliver themselves from their enemies—Moroni threatens to fight against the government unless help is supplied to his armies.

Pahoran tells Moroni of the insurrection and rebellion against the government by a band of traitors calling themselves “king-men”—The king-men take Zarahemla and are in league with the Lamanites—Pahoran asks for military aid against the rebels.

Moroni marches to the aid of Pahoran in the land of Gideon—The king-men who refuse to defend their country are put to death—Pahoran and Moroni retake Nephihah—Many Lamanites join the people of Ammon (Nephites)—Teancum slays Ammoron (a Nephite defector who started the war) and is in turn slain—The Lamanites are driven from the land, and peace is established.

Here is where the real difference was made. (<–Read it. It matters in understanding the rest of this post.) Note, if you are squeamish at the thought of inflicting the death penalty on traitors, you will probably disagree with the method Moroni is forced to use to restore peace…yet the results of bold, swift, and decisive action are clear and undeniable. The reason and justification, unassailable.  If you don’t remove the root of the cancer, it will quickly spread until it destroys the whole body.

Now before anyone, including the federal authorities reading this, gets uptight and starts marking me as a national security threat, I am NOT advocating violence between right and left factions or against government officials.

Let me repeat.

I am NOT advocating violence between right and left factions or against government officials.

What I am advocating is simply that we, as voters, collectively act as Captain Moroni and that we “execute” corrupt senators and representatives and presidents by voting them out of office at the next possible opportunity.  In a constitutional republic, that is the only power we have over those in power…the power of the vote.  For FAR TOO LONG we have abdicated our authority.

WE THE PEOPLE are the government, not some group of chuckleheaded fat cats in Washington D.C.

WE THE PEOPLE are responsible for our own misery due to our apathy and lack of character as a nation.

WE THE PEOPLE need to stand up to these unaccountable bullies and put them in their places–sitting at home in their comfy leather chairs wondering what the heck happened to their comfy positions in Washington D.C.

But WE THE PEOPLE can’t stop there, folks.

WE THE PEOPLE have to be very vigilant (for the very price of freedom IS vigilance) in making sure they don’t return from their graves as zombie lobbyists or “advisors”. They need to be shut out completely from public service even in the guise of working for “non-profits” or “non-governmental organizations”.

WE THE PEOPLE need to maintain an enemy watchlist, partly through the power of social media, with which we can constantly keep track of these global robber-barons and their marauding ways. (The Book of Mormon also has a strategy for defeating hidden conspiracies, btw.)  Then, wherever we find them creating new machiavellian machinations, we must wield the power of popular opinion over which we now have control and crush their self-serving hopes and dreams into oblivion.

Make no mistake about it, the Book of Mormon is a warning voice for our time. Mormon, the person who compiled it from an archive of his fallen nation’s history, did so out of love and concern for those of us who would come in the future. It’s a “how to” manual of what to do to ensure safety and peace and freedom. It is also a “how NOT to” manual on what to AVOID doing to avert disasters like the one his nation suffered.

Mormon and his son, also named Moroni, were the very last surviving members of their people. They knew whereof they spoke.


2 thoughts on “It’s all just a little bit of history repeating

  1. Great post! The cycle seems to be making a full circle.

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