More lies from Melissa Bean. For your iPod!

audio via Bean’s own web site (turn on your speakers).

Of course this and other “FAQ” questions are all spun to favor her own viewpoints on HR 3962 rather than the legitimate questions her own constituents raise time and again.

Not that she actually cares what they think.  I frequently email and call her office to state my preference for votes she makes on health “care” legislation (hint: “NO!!”).  What do I get in return? A lengthy manifesto copied and pasted from the DNC playbook.  If I wanted that, I’d go to their Web site or turn on CSPAN.  A simple, “Thank you for expressing your concern. I’m tallying the feedback I’m getting to determine what the people want and your message will be counted” would suffice.

Not my idea of representative government.  The area she represents is not as liberal as she imagines. In fact, because of her negligence to actually take her constituents’ advice on votes, her entire district is now skewing conservative / Republican, so she is poised to be absolutely routed in 2010 mid-term elections.

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