Sucking the humanity out of students, one yearbook photo at a time

via Student punished for making funny face in school photo

“The camera girl looked at my mom and said, ‘You alright with that, mom?’” Patton recalls. “My mom said, ‘Sure, of course.’”

But administrators didn’t approve of the image. School officials are comparing her expression in her school picture to gang signs.




Look, if Mom’s okay with it, I’m okay with it.  What right does the school have to say what facial expression you will have in your yearbook photo?  The students at that school need to pull together a massive civil disobedience next year on photo day. Everyone in the school should pull any face they want (I’ll draw the line at obscene gestures and real gang signs, of course) as long as it has the potential to make someone laugh.

Conscientious OCD objectors can put on their fake “I love having my yearbook photo taken” grin all they want. But if a kid wants to show joie de vivre through a sincere attempt at humor in his yearbook picture, why the fuss?


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