Paging John Galt!

via Senate Breaks Health Stalemate; First Votes Today –

In a closed-door meeting of his caucus, the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid of Nevada, told Democrats that Republicans were not interested in passing a bill. In effect, he prepared them for trench warfare, saying the Democrats must stick together and should be ready to work weekends to finish the bill before Christmas.

For their part, Republicans said it was unrealistic to expect quick action on such a big bill, and they denied they were stalling.

“That’s an odd charge about a bill that would cost $2.5 trillion, when fully implemented, and restructure one-sixth of the economy, affecting 300 million people,” said the Senate’s No. 3 Republican, Lamar Alexander of Tennessee.

Noting that the Senate had spent one month on a farm bill, seven weeks on an education bill and eight weeks on an energy bill, Mr. Alexander said, “Surely we can spend at least that much time on a comprehensive health care bill.”

Somebody give that man a medal (Lamar Alexandernot Harry Reid)! I love it when people make sense. $2.5 trillion is a wickediculous amount of debt (it’s not money in any real sense) to spend in a rush-through vote right before Christmas.

It’s also not the smartest public relations move on the part of the Democrats to do this right before Christmas. People are really feeling pinched this year, so to announce that you’ve just “given” them a Christmas present of $2.5 trillion in debt to be passed on to the kids who will be opening fewer and cheaper (if any) Christmas presents this year than in years past is a massive PR fail, IMHO.

I mean, who is handling these people from a practical common sense and image perspective?  Do they not see their own folly?  Do they not know that Atlas is about to shrug and their whole world will come tumbling down?  $2.5 trillion might as well be $25 trillion for that matter.  In the end, nobody will be able to pay that load without severe indentured servitude.

Anyone for learning Chinese?


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