Robin’ Hoods

via The 50 Richest Members of Congress – Roll Call

Quick! Before you look at the graph below, take a guess at how many of the top 10 are Republicans…

John Kerry beats out a Rockefeller in net worth

Yup, you guessed it (or, maybe you didn’t). Eight out of ten of the richest members of Congress happen to be Democrats.  Does the chicken precede the egg? Do you have to be rich to be able to run for and attain a congressional seat? Or after obtaining it do you then reap the benefits of lobbyist kickbacks, union payoffs, and all other kinds of financial tomfoolery?

The article explains more of the details behind the numbers.  By my reading of it, maybe look for a few domestic and foreign policy “change”s…

Bailouts for the dinner condiment and high fidelity audio reproduction industries (Kerry, Harman)

Prop-ups of blind trust and select investment funds, plus more federal dollars flowing to the Obama Cell Phone welfare program (Rockefeller, Warner)

I won’t keep all the fun for myself. Add your own predictions in the comments.


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