Is it finally time for Chicago to dance to a different tune?

Keeping an eye on the Illinois elections coming up, we cast an eye to William J. Kelly, GOP candidate for IL Comptroller.  He has this to say about the fallout of losing not only the 2016 Summer Olympics, but also two major conventions that have been an economic staple for decades:

Thanks to the mismanagement of the long-line of political hacks like Ochoa & Co., the Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority will soon be yet another wasteland and a new drain on Illinois taxpayers. As has been reported, McPier’s projected operating losses will grow eightfold to $28.8 million in the fiscal year that started July and the State of Illinois will be on the hook for millions more to cover shortfalls in tourism taxes. To counter McPier’s shortfall, the state’s general sales tax fund was tapped for $18.8 million this year and will tap $34 million in 2010. Reports indicate that McPier’s cumulative funding gap is expected to exceed $500 million by 2020.


I like that he names names, but I hope, for his sake, that he takes a different route home from work each night and that he is willing to seriously consider flaunting the anti-concealed carry laws in Illinois. The consequences of pushing the wrong buttons and barking up the right trees in this state could be drastic for him if he’s not careful. I mean, money…lots of money…is involved here.  If it turns out there is even more of a smoking gun than what we saw with Blago, and Kelly is the mastermind in exposing it, he may be in for more than he bargained.

Will the Illinois GOP be able to rally and put the Chicago machine out of business?  Does any GOP candidate have what it takes to take them on?  Your answers are requested in the comments.


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