Not on MY watch!

What time is it? Yes We Can!

What time is it? Yes We Can!

Presidential Watch Company is hocking numbered copies of the same Jorg Gray 6500 Series watch worn by President Barack Hussein Obama.

You too, they promise, can be a part of history by owning one of these fine timepieces.

Buy it now! If you’re lucky, it’ll be the only asset you own that will carry any value (bounty value only, that is) once the dollar inflates beyond recognition and our paychecks come on paper printed in the People’s Republic of China.  With a hefty share taken out, of course, to cover our debt obligation to our new masters.

If you’re slightly strapped for cash in the now improving economy (which seems to do better inversely proportional to the president’s ratings), you can still own an Obama timekeeper. Buy this watch and you will be able to show your support for “the one man who will unite America”.

Looks like that site hasn’t been updated in a while…or they’re delusional.

This is all funny/strange/sad on so many levels.


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