Covered the spin, missed the story…

via SPIN METER: ‘War and Peace’ in 209 pages? – Yahoo! News

Republicans are using everything short of forklifts to show Americans that Democratic health care legislation is an unwieldy mountain of paper. They pile it high on desks, hoist it on a shoulder trussed in sturdy rope and tell people it’s longer than “War and Peace,” which it isn’t.

Although they complain they don’t have time to read all of it, they found the time to tape it together, page by page, so they could roll it up the steps of the Capitol like super-sized toilet paper and show how very long it is.

I won’t overexcite you with the riveting word and page count analysis Woodward and Daniel provide, but suffice it to say that their conclusions are far from relevant when compared to arguments about the mess this bill would create.

About the only angle of the story that bumps universes with reality comes from the third paragraph:

Size matters in the health care debate because Republicans have turned the length of the legislation into a symbol: Big, unwieldy bill means big, overreaching government.

Yeah, having read it, I’d say that’s about right.


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